The CCPP Director’s Award for Professional Development

The Clinical Child Psychology Program values students’ efforts toward professional development, including efforts to obtain external funding for research and training. The CCPP Director’s Award for Professional Development recognizes students who have developed and submitted proposals for significant external training grants and fellowships, such as those available through the Graduate Research Fellowship Program (NSF), the National Research Service Award Fellowship (NIH), the Dennis Weatherstone Predoctoral Fellowship (Autism Speaks), and the Ford Foundation Fellowship Program (NASEM). 

Upon the recommendation of their primary mentor, and contingent on availability of funds, each student in good standing that completes and submits a proposal to an eligible foundation/agency will be considered for a $100 professional development fund that can be used to offset professional travel, research expenses, professional expenses (copies, conference registration), or other expenses.  Please note that non-consumable items (e.g., books, equipment) purchased with state funds become the property of the University of Kansas. 

Students may receive the award only once per fiscal year. Students may receive the award for a resubmitted application.  If the resubmission occurs within the same fiscal year as the original submission, the student may apply for the award in the following fiscal year. Funds must be expended within the same fiscal year as when the award is given.

Please contact CCPP Administrative Associate to request application. There is no application deadline: Applications are considered on a rolling basis.  However, applications will only be considered for proposals that have been submitted. Proof of submission may be requested.