About Us

The Clinical Child Psychology Program was established 1991 as a clinical training program with an emphasis in the specialty area of clinical child and adolescent psychology. In 2001, the Program was independently accredited by the American Psychological Association as a clinical psychology doctoral program with a child emphasis. At the Fall meeting of 2015, the APA Commission on Accreditation voted to approve continued accreditation of the Clinical Child Psychology Program, with the next site visit scheduled 7 years from the date of the program’s last site visit. The 7 years decision is based on the CoA’s professional judgment that compliance or substantial compliance with all domains of the Guidelines and Principles for Accreditation (G&P).* This interdepartmental program involves the resources of faculty in the Departments of Psychology and Applied Behavioral Science in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The program includes a core of 7 faculty members with specialty interests in clinical child and pediatric psychology.  The functioning of the core faculty is supplemented by affiliated faculty in the two departments and by adjunct faculty who provide clinical and research supervision. 

Since the first students entered the program in 1992, we have produced more than 83 graduates who contribute to the clinical research literature, provide psychological services to children, youth, and families, and teach and supervise in hospitals, universities, and mental health centers. Our graduates are recognized leaders in their respective settings and in the field generally.

Consistent with our traditions of excellence, the CCPP is a frequently lauded program that is cited in the training literature as a model program in the field of clinical psychology. Our program is recognized for excellent recruitment, selectivity, diversity, retention, and outcomes. Because of this, the program has received numerous accolades for its contributions to mental health promotion, for its contributions to the empirical literature, and for its successful recruitment and retention of a diverse student body.

As one of a select few clinical programs in the country specializing in children, adolescents, and families, students in the CCPP receive training from a core faculty with interests specific to developmental issues in psychology and benefit from diverse clinical and research opportunities with youth and families. The program's reputation and ability to provide uniquely focused training have consistently placed students at top internship sites and leading positions following graduation. Of equal importance, beyond the rigorous training and abundant opportunities, the program prides itself on maintaining a supportive and collegial atmosphere.

Michael C Roberts

The Founding of the KU CCPP

The first class of Clinical Child Psychology doctoral students was admitted in 1992. At the time, the program existed as a separate degree program (Clinical Child Psychology) under the auspices of the APA-Accredited Clinical Psychology Program, with significant input and support from both HDFL (later the Department of Applied Behavioral Science) and Psychology.

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