Student Resources and Awards


Student Awards

  • Carolyn and Steve Schroeder

    Drs. Carolyn and Stephen Schroeder Award, Established 2016

    The Carolyn and Stephen Schroeder Practice-Informed Research Award

  • Dr. Rodney McNeal and parents

    Dr. Rodney McNeal, Established 1999

    The Jerry and Willie McNeal Student Award for Outstanding Teaching

  • Student Researching

    Dr. Keri and David Brown-Kirschman, Established 2007

    The Brown-Kirschman Award for Research Excellence

  • Study Group

    CCPP Pioneer Classes, Established 2008

    The Clinical Child Psychology Program Pioneer Classes Dissertation Research Award

  • Dr. Joseph and Kelli Nyre

    Dr. Joseph E. Nyre and Kelli L. Nyre Award, Established 2018

    The Nyre Clinical Child Psychology Student Support Fund

  • Dr. Michael and Karen Roberts

    Dr. Michael and Karen Roberts, Established 2020

    The Karen and Michael Roberts Travel Award

  • Poster Presentation

    Established in 2019

    The CCPP Director’s Award for Professional Development

  • Campus View

    The Sampilo-Quispe Award, Established 2021

    The Sampilo-Quispe Award for Equity and Social Justice in Clinical Child Psychology