Selena Baca

Selena Baca
  • BS (2017) University of California - San Diego (UCSD), San Diego, CA
  • MA (2021) San Diego State University, San Diego, CA

Contact Info

Dole Human Development Center
1000 Sunnyside Avenue
Lawrence, KS 66045


My research interests center around risk and protective factors of serious mental health outcomes following adversity (e.g., childhood trauma). I hope to address questions such as: How can we protect youth from developing poor mental health outcomes following adverse experiences? What factors in a child’s environment differentiate those who experience adversity and have poor outcomes and those who remain resilient? My goal is to develop research that informs intervention efforts for youth following harmful early life experiences.

Selected Publications

Gomez, C., Baca, S.A., Ryder, A.L., & Gudiño, O. (In press). Understanding the concurrence of environmental characteristics in latinx youth: A person-centered approach. Journal of Community Psychology

Baca, S.A., Goger, P., Glaser, D., Rozenman, M., Gonzalez, A., Dickerson, J.F., Lynch, F.L., Porta, G., Brent, D.A., & Weersing, V.R. (2023). Reduction in avoidance mediates effects of brief behavioral therapy for pediatric anxiety and depression. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 164,104290.

Fite, P.F., Diaz, K., Baca, S.A. (2023). Peer victimization and risk for specific charges among detained youth. Child & Youth Care Forum, 52, 985-995.

Baca, S.A., Fite, P. J., & Chang, C.‐N. (2022). Are perceived containment and coping styles differentially associated with reactive and proactive aggression? Aggressive Behavior. 49(3), 236–248. 

Fite, P., Baca, S.A., Gomez, C., Griffith, R., & Gudiño, O.(2022). Attitudes toward seeking help among detained adolescents: The Role of CU Traits. Residential Treatment for Children and Youth. 1-17.

Fite, P., Tampke, B., Diaz, K., Zax, A., Baca, S.A. (2022). Bidirectional links between sibling aggression and victimization. Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment, & Trauma. 1-19.

Goger, P., Szpunar, M., Baca, S.A., Garstein, M., & Lang, A.J. (2022). Predictors of early postpartum maternal functioning among women veterans. Maternal and Child Health Journal, 26(1), 149-155.

Baca, S.A., Crawford, J.N., & Allard, C.B. (2021). PTSD, depression, and suicidality among survivors of childhood sexual trauma (CST), military sexual trauma (MST), and sexual revictimization (CST+MST). Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy

Szpunar, M., Malaktaris, A., Baca, S.A., Hauger, R., & Lang, A. J. (2021). Are alterations in estradiol, cortisol, and inflammatory cytokines associated with depression during pregnancy and postpartum? An exploratory study. Brain, Behavior, & Immunity, 16, 100309.

Malaktaris, A., Lang, A. J., Casmar, P., Baca, S., Hurst, S., Jeste, D. V., & Palmer, B. (2020). Pilot study of compassion meditation training to improve social connectedness and well-being among older adults. Clinical Gerontologist, 1-14. 

Szpunar, M.J., Crawford, J. N., Baca, S.A., & Lang, A. J. (2019). Suicidal ideation in pregnant and postpartum women veterans: An initial clinical needs assessment. Military Medicine, 185(1-2), e105-e111.

Lang, A.J., Malaktaris, A.L., Casmar, P., Baca, S.A., Golshan, S., Harrison, T., & Negi, L. (2019). Compassion meditation for posttraumatic stress disorder in veterans: A randomized proof of concept study. Journal of Traumatic Stress, 32(2), 299-309.

Selected Presentations

Baca, S.A., Gomez, C., Hichborn, E., Fite, P. (2023, August 3-5). Negative Life Experiences and Peer Victimization on Youth Internalizing Symptoms [Poster presentation]. APA 2023 Convention, Washington, DC.

Baca, S.A., Fite. P.J., Chang, C. (2023, March 23-25). The Role of Coping Mechanisms in the Relationship between Perceived Containment and Aggressive Behaviors [Poster presentation]. Society for Research in Child Development 2023 Biennial Meeting, Salt Lake City, U

Baca, S.A., Behrens, B., Edler, K., Boyer, C., Hibel, L., Valentino, K. (2021, November). Attunement and Transmission of Cortisol in Maltreating Mother-Child Dyads following Reminiscing and Emotion Treatment (RET). Poster to be presented at the 54th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Developmental Psychobiology, Chicago, IL.

Baca, S.A., Goger, P., Kado, M., & Weersing, V.R. (2020, November). Reduction in Avoidance Mediates the Impact of Transdiagnostic Brief Behavioral Therapy for Youth Anxiety and Depression. Poster presented at the 54th Annual Meeting of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, Virtual Conference.

Baca, S.A., Malaktaris, A., Lang, A.J. (2018, May). Using technology to expand the reach of meditation programs: A feasibility study of group compassion meditation training for veterans with PTSD delivered via telemental health. Poster presented at the 30th Association for Psychology Science Annual Convention, San Francisco, CA..

Baca, S.A., Crawford, J.N., & Allard, C.B. (2017, November). Sexual trauma history and associated symptoms among treatment-seeking male and female veterans. Poster presented at the 33rd Annual Meeting of the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies: Trauma and Complexity: From Self to Cells, Chicago, IL.

Baca, S.A., Crawford, J.N., & Allard, C.B. (2017, September). Sexual trauma history and its relationship to PTSD, depression, and suicidality among treatment-seeking veterans. Poster presented at the 22nd International Summit of the Institute on Violence, Abuse & Trauma: Building