Ainsley Patrick

Ainsley Patrick
  • BS (2020 Psychology) Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA
  • BS (2020 Sociology) Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA

Contact Info

Dole Human Development Center
1000 Sunnyside Avenue
Lawrence, KS 66045


Broadly, I am interested in the mechanisms underlying childhood anxiety and related internalizing disorders. My primary research interests lie at the intersection of emotion regulation, attention biases, and intergenerational anxiety within anxiety disorders. I aim to identify mechanisms in anxiety and related disorders that could be driving childhood anxiety. In addition, my hope is to identify mechanisms that can be focused on as treatment targets for youth. 

Secondarily, I am interested in utilizing physiological and multi-report data to understand parental influence on anxiety as well as attentional biases in youth with anxiety. I recognize the lack of accessible mental health resources for many individuals and am interested investigating the use of technology (i.e., apps) to bridge this research to practice gap. I am invested in the dissemination of evidence-based interventions to increase mental health treatment access for youth.


Selected Publications

Patrick, A. K., Ramsey, K. A., Essoe, J. K., & McGuire, J. F. (2023). Clinical Considerations for an Evidence-Based Assessment for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. The Psychiatric clinics of North America, 46(1), 17–38.


Essoe, J. K.-Y., Patrick, A. K., Reynolds, K., Schmidt, A., Ramsey, K. A., McGuire, J.F. (2022). Recent Advances in Psychotherapy with Virtual Reality: Closing the Research-to-Practice Gap. Advances in Psychiatry and Behavioral Health, 2(1), 79-93.

Selected Presentations

Patrick, A.K., Ramsey, K.A., Essoe, J.K., McGuire, Joseph F. (2022, November). Identified Challenges and Innovative Solutions for Implementing Exposure with Response Prevention (ERP) Among Frontline OCD Therapists. Poster Presentation at the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies 56th Annual Convention, New York City, New York.

Patrick, A.K., Honaker, M.G., Breaux, Rosanna, Ollendick, T.H. (2020, April). The Relation Between Emotion Regulation and Rule-Breaking Behavior in Youth with ADHD. Poster Presentation at the Dennis Dean Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship Conference, Blacksburg, VA.

Patrick, A. K., Ryan, S.R., Ollendick, T.H. (2019, March). Temperament, Sluggish Cognitive Tempo, and Depression. Poster Presentation at the Anxiety and Depression Association of America 39th Annual Conference, Chicago, IL.

Patrick, A.K., McFayden, T.M., White, S.W., Ollendick, T.H. (2018, June). The Impact of Anxiety Symptomatology on the Validity of Intellectual Testing. Poster Presentation at Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology (JCCAP) Future Directions Forum, Washington, D.C.