Michael C. Roberts

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences - Clinical Child Psychology Program
Dean of Graduate Studies Director and Managing Trustee, Madison & Lila Self Graduate Fellowship
Primary office:
Dole Human Development Center
Room 2014
University of Kansas
1000 Sunnyside Avenue
Lawrence, KS 66045
Second office:
Strong Hall
Room 300

Michael C. Roberts, Ph.D., ABPP received his doctorate from Purdue University and completed his clinical internship at Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center (Children's Memorial Hospital). After rising through the professorial ranks at the University of Alabama, he joined the University of Kansas to start the Clinical Child Psychology Program with faculty colleagues and staff.

Dr. Roberts has published over 200 journal articles and book chapters revolving around the application of psychology to understanding and influencing children's physical and mental health. He frequently co-authors with students and graduates.

He has authored or co-edited over 20 books, including Handbook of Pediatric Psychology (now in 5th edition; 2017); Handbook of Clinical Child Psychology; Specialty Competencies in Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology; Handbook of Research Methods in Clinical Psychology; Handbook of Mental Health Services for Children, Adolescents, and Families; Handbook of Evidence-Based Treatments for Children and Adolescents; Prevention of Problems in Childhood; and Helping Children Cope with Disasters and Terrorism. Clinical Practice of Pediatric Psychology: Cases and Service Delivery, was published in 2014.

Teaching Interests

  • Child Development
  • Clinical child and adolescent psychology
  • Pediatric Psychology
  • Applied developmental psychology
  • Advanced child development and behavior
  • Research methodology
  • Consultation, supervision, and administration


Current interests and activities on Dr. Roberts' research team include:

1. children's and parents' perceptions of pediatric and psychological conditions and treatments; treatment adherence issues;

2. program evaluation and mental health service delivery (psychotherapeutic outcomes);

3. consulting with the World Health Organization on the revision of the International Classification of Diseases-10 focusing on the chapter for mental and behavioral codes; conducting literature searches; designing and conducting formative research projects on the architecture, organization, and content of the ICD classification system (Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse, WHO);

4. professional psychology issues: education and training; specialty competencies; mentoring; technology and professional psychology ethics; advocacy.

See our Research Pages for more information about the Stone Soup Research Group's projects.

Research Interests

  • Pediatric psychology and clinical child and adolescent psychology
  • Program evaluation
  • Professional issues in psychology
  • Training and education
  • Classification of disorders by the ICD

Selected Publications

Reed, G. M., Sharan, P. Rebello, T. J., Keeley, J. W., Medina-Mora, E. Gureje, O. Ayuso-Mateos, L. Kanba, S. Khoury, B. Kogan, C. S., Krasnov, V. N., Maj, M. Mari, J. J., Stein, D. J., Zhao, M. Akiyama, T. Andrews, H. F., Asevedo, E. Cheour, M. Dominquez-Martinez, T. El-Khoury, J. Fiorillo, A. Grenier, J. Gupta, N. Kola, L. Kulygina, M. Leal-Leturia, I. Luciano, M. Lusu, B. Martinez-Lopez, N. I., Matsumoto, C. Onofa, L. U., Paterniti, S. Purnima, S. Robles, R. Sahu, M. K., Sibeko, G. Zhong, N. First, M. B., Gaebel, W. Lovell, A. M., Maruta, T. Roberts, M. C., & Pike, K. M. (2018). The ICD-11 developmental field study of reliability of diagnoses of high-burden mental disorders: Results among adult patients in mental health settings of 13 countries . World Psychiatry, 17(2), 174186. DOI: 10.1002/wps.20524

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